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Bonjour is commonly used in conjunction with iTunes. How to Turn Off Bonjour is a question many users ask themselves. Sometimes this service crashes or freezes and needs help when shutting down. Some users usually have this service even if they do not have iTunes and also need a way to shutdown this task. The truth is, this service also comes bundled with various other programs.

In most cases Turn Off Bonjour is implemented on all Windows computers since it is attached to several other services. Bonjour can be turned off at anytime as long as users know what steps to take. Normally, the program is hard to locate. Most persons will first look in Add/Remove Programs for Bonjour but it cannot be stopped through normal methods.

However, if Bonjour is needed by any installed applications it should not be removed. How to Turn Off Bonjour is simply done by bringing up the Task Manager and manually ending the process. If any issues arise it is also very easy to re-enable the service.

The Turn Off Bonjour utility is a small little program that has the ability to remove the Bonjour service that is installed with various other programs. The Bonjour service can discover various devices automatically. Additional features include:

- Completely disable and remove the application and the registry entry.

- It won’t remove any other files related to the service and the user will have to remove those manually after the system restart

- Clean removal with no other installations or traces on the computer

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Turn Off Bonjour service  Free Download screenshot